Sell premium Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, WhatsApp

1. Create a Model account here->click  (please use a valid email address that you check often)

2. Verify your Membershyp account by uploading 4 pictures. More details here->click

3. Fill in your social accounts usernames (Snapchat/Kik/Instagram) or your WhatsApp phone number and set up a price (between 5$ and 200$) for each subscription (weekly/monthly/3 months/6 months/yearly). 

You can do that in "My Social Accounts" tab.

How to add a new subscription on Membershyp

4. Set up your public profile: 

- choose a Stage name

- add a profile description

- upload some profile pictures from your computer

- link your Twitter/Instagram/SkyPrivate account

You can do all of that in "Settings-->Public profile"

5. After you followed all the 4 steps from above, your profile will appear on on the last page. 

6. People who see your profile will be able to buy a subscription, about which you will be informed by email. In the email, you will see the subscriber's username so you will know exactly whom to accept on your Snapchat/Kik/Instagram/WhatsApp.

Email when you have a new subscriber on

7. After you got a new subscriber, make sure you accept the request on your social account (Snapchat/Kik/Instagram/WhatsApp) within 24 hours and provide him/her with quality content for the whole period of the subscription.

If you provide daily quality content to your subscribers, they will not cancel their subscription and they will keep it active, so in the end, you will earn more money.

8. If one of your subscribers will cancel their subscription, we will inform you by email, and you will know whom to remove from your social accounts.

Email when a subscriber cancels the subscription on

9. Also, you can see the active/canceled subscriptions in your account, in the "My subscribers" tab.

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