1. Create a Model account here->click  (please use a valid email address that you check often)

2. Verify your account by uploading 4 pictures. More details here->click

3. Connect your social accounts  (Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, WhatsApp) and set up a price for each subscription. You can do that here ->click

4. Set up your public profile: 

- choose a Stage name

- add a profile description

- upload some profile pictures from your computer

- link your Twitter/Instagram/SkyPrivate account

You can do all of that here->click

After you followed all the 4 steps from above, your profile will appear on https://membershyp.club on the last page. 

People who see your profile will be able to buy a subscription, about which you will be informed by email (so again, please make sure you register with an email you check often).


After you got a new subscriber, please make sure you accept the request on your social account within 24 hours and provide him/her with quality content. WhyBecause, if you care about your subscribers and provide quality content, they will renew their subscription and you will receive more money.