In order to allow us verify your account, you have to:

1. Take a photo of the front of your ID / Driver's license / Passport 

2. Take a photo of the back of your ID / Driver's license / Passport even if it is blank.

3. Take a photo with your ID / Driver's license / Passport next to your face, one with a good quality, so that the document will be clear and easy to read.

4. Take a photo with a paper with today's date written on it, next to your face OR scan/take a photo of your utility bill (or bank statement or government issued document). The bill/statement/letter should state the date, your name and address (with your address & names clear to read) not older than 3 months.


These 4 pictures can be pdf/jpg/png file types.

5. Then upload them to your account here:

6. Write the ID number stated on your document in the "Personal ID Number" field.

Usually, to get verified on Membershyp takes less than 24 hours, however, sometimes it can go up to 48 hours due to the high number of requests.


If you already have a verified identity on you will be able to link that profile to, so you will not be requested to upload your documents again.

You just have to select "Verify Identity with SkyPrivate" and you will be redirected to the SkyPrivate login page. Once you log into your SkyPrivate account, you will be prompted with the image listed below. After you confirm the login, your Membershyp account will be verified.