We want to offer the models the option to choose if they want to cover the chargebacks when they happen or not. Of course if you choose to be responsible for the chargebacks your payout rate will be higher (higher payout % but more risk), but if you choose to push the loss to us your payout will be a bit lower (a bit lower payout but 100% sure you get your earnings).

But this system is not available now, in beta stage, as we just launched and many features need to be developed.

The chargeback policy that applies today:

Chargebacks are not covered if they happen sooner than the first 2 re-bills for that order.

If the chargeback happens after the 2nd rebill, we will take the loss so you as a model will be covered.

Example:  John subscribes for Jasmin's weekly Snapchat on 1st May for $10.

On 8 May he is rebilled for the first time for another $10.

On 15 May he is rebilled for the second time and on 22nd May he is rebilled for the 3rd time.

If chargeback happens on 14 May - before 2nd rebill - the model takes the loss. If the chargeback happens on 16 May - after the 2nd rebill - the model is covered and we take the loss.