1. Choose a Model from our website (https://membershyp.club/) and click on the profile picture. After that:


    a) choose the account type you wish to subscribe to (SnapchatKikInstagramWhatsApp

    b) choose the membership type: weekly/monthly/ every 3 months (depending on how the model set up her account)

    c) click on the "Subscribe" button

    2. After you passed the credit card's payment page and paid for the subscription, you will instantly receive the Model's account username - the one you subscribed to (SnapchatKikInstagramWhatsApp).

    3. Add the Model's username on your app (SnapchatKikInstagramWhatsApp) and wait for him/her to accept your request.

    4. Once acceptedenjoy your subscription!

    ***If the Model does not accept your request within 24 hours since you made the payment, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will investigate. If we find an issue, we will assist you cancel the subscription and refund your money.